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Captain Eric Wallace has been guiding fly anglers for more than 23 years, from the Rocky Mountains and the Northwest to Maine's Casco Bay and the Florida Keys. Past to present, Capt Eric has a reputation for his depth of knowledge, patience, and work ethic.

Coastal Fly Angler

Coastal Fly Angler

Coastal Fly Angler specializes in Maine striper fishing with saltwater fly and light-tackle on Portland, Maine's Casco Bay. Options to sight fish the sand flats of Saco Bay, fly fish for carp on the tidal ravine of Merrymeeting Bay, or head offshore for tuna and shark.


Casco Bay

The unique striper fishery of Portland Maine's Casco Bay sit near the northern terminus of the legendary annual migration of striped bass along the Atlantic coast. It is one of the last, most consistent fishery for striped bass on their journey north, and arguably one of the best kept secrets on the East Coast for saltwater fly and light-tackle fishing on the flats.

Saco Bay

Weather and tide permitting, we also fish the sand flats in the Saco Bay area, which offer the opportunity to sight fish all summer long.

Kennebec River

Combine the impressive currents from the 8-10 foot tides that fill and empty the lower Kennebec, with target prey like anadromous herring, eel, smelt, as well as a healthy population of sand and grass shrimp, and you have an impressive striper fishery, reputed among anglers.

Merrymeeting Bay

The tidal ravine that makes up Merrmeeting Bay provides this unique carp fishery that's not only beautiful, but challenging. Tides and weather patterns are key and casting skills are a must.

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Casco Bay & Kennebec River Fishing Reports 2015

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visit the Maine Striper Fishing Blog.

Casco Bay, Portland Area Fishing Report -Early Summer 2015

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Striped Bass fishing is in full swing here in Maine and the season is started out as a good one!!!! With ever changing early season conditions we recommend you email or text us for fishing reports and we will get back to as soon as we are off the water for the day... Capt Eric and Capt Mike look forward to fishing with you this season.. More soon!!!


Fall fishing has been day to day, call for updated reports!!! 2014

If landing striper on the flats in the 30-40 inch range has been a goal of yours, this might be the season!!!! the amount of large fish we have been sight fishing to is unreal!!! Some tides have been off as the bite goes with so much food in the system they are always not in the mood to eat feathers or soft plastics, but the right tides and conditions have been producing some days to remember!!!!!!! also a lack of fishing reports from us...... From Saco to the kennebec and all of Casco Bay have a good number of fish, great water temps and tons of food, the Bass should hang around now and move into there mid summer feeding habits, low light or tide will need to be matched up for the best results. Give a call to book a guided trip or with any other questions on fishing Maine coast... Capt Eric Wallace 207-671-4330



June 20, 2014

Some good saltwater fishing reports from around the state of Maine, after a week of unstable weather with inland area getting as much as 3.5 inches of rain and added in a couple days with hard wind,big full moon tides pushing around the bait just enough to make thing interesting, But searching around often pay off, and the mid day sunshine has brought the water temps back into the zone making the fish happen and willing to eat..

Striped Bass are spread out in Casco Bay from Harpswell to Portland in good numbers water temps are good to go, even the outer islands fish can be found but seem to be on the move in search of the bait that is either dropping out of the local river systems or traveling up for spawning.... This bait will be bright and flashy as it approaches the rivers but will turn a more yellowish tint as it spends some time in the brackish water 5-7 inch bait fish patterns are working well and can not express having some long pauses in your strip even if you are in the middle of a surface feed,,,, pause it -- let it get down into the mix and chances are you find yourself find some bigger fish. Capt Mike Roy had a blast using some black and purple tarpon toads producing a bunch of eats in skinny water..

Sand eels, juvenile herring , river herring,mackerel and for the guys focused on the flats crabs are always on the stripers menu, There is some off colored water out there and all black flies in the 5-7 in herring profile have taken two of the largest fish we boated this past week one 34 and a fat 37 both on fly !!! and quickly released..

Light tackle anglers, I am just a fan of the sluggo I like the way they can be worked and how bass eat them. there is a endless number of artificial that work great.

If you are fishing the Kennebec River system remember to check the regulations as the area is Catch and Release and use of singled hooked artificial only, the use of any live bait is prohibited, This is a great regulation to help take some of the pressure of the wild reproducing fish in the system.

Overall things should just fill in and quality fishing should be the norm from the Kennebec south and west, we have 2-3 boat available each day so feel free to contact us about best tides or any other questions..207-671-4330

Some Old Reports Below..

Casco Bay Fishing Report - August 9, 2013

Two or three days of cool early morning temps combined with good tides made for some very happy and snappy fish on the flats in Casco Bay. We had some outstanding early morning surface feeds in some very skinny water, then on the incoming in the bright sun again some good surface feeds. Fishwise, the amount of fish in the Casco Bay/Portland area remains outstanding this season, some small bait is starting to drop out of the rivers and there's a good amount of peanuts around keeping some bigger fish on the feed in the bright clear sky. There are some small groups of bigger bluefish around so it's time to have a rod with wire rigged in the gunnels. On the sand flats the fish have a good amount of food and can test your angling skill to get the eat, again pounding these fish and blasting cast in every direction will just get laughed at by these big fish on the sand. As in all sight fishing, boat position is key as it dictates the angle of retrieve, challenge yourself to leave the bigger group alone cast to the small 2-3 fish groups and set up a angle of retrieve not to freak them out and overtime you will learn the body language to get more eats on the sand and in the sun and remember loose the flashy flies and elephants eat peanuts.

Reports up and down the coast here in Maine support some solid fishing and the making for a good fall, maybe one of the best in years!! The range of size that fish are being caught has not been seen for awhile and the bait and water temps are all there and we are only in early August. If you want to get out in August, Capt Mike Roy can get you out on a good tide. If you are looking to fish the fall blitz, let me know soon as September is going to be a great month!

Casco Bay Fishing Report - June 10, 2013

The past ten days have seen up and down air temps, from near 90 to an early morning low of 37, but the good news is that the open water didn't drop off too much with the hard north winds during the cold snap and Portland, Maine's bouy is holding around 57 degrees. This is close to average for late June, so the water temps, amount of bait, and most importantly, the numbers of striped bass are a little ahead of the past few seasons.

This means when the weather works with us we have seen some very solid fishing with the right tides, and reports down the coast support a likewise finding. We've seen multiple tides with over 20 fish on the flats, the largest fish just short of 38 inches. Lots of schoolies around and the Freeport area had a big group of large bluefish pushed through for a few days, causing the havoc they know how to provide and adding some fun to the mix the first week of June. With the amount of larger bait in Casco Bay and its rivers we are sure to see more action in the weeks to come and can look forward to a good solid season!

Read full June 10, 2013 Fishing Report.

Merrymeeting Bay Fishing Reports

For Maine Carp Reports by Coastal Fly Angler,
visit the Maine Carp Fishing Blog.


Florida Keys

The flats of the Keys are known worldwide as the proving ground for the saltwater fly angler. They're home to legendary tarpon migration routes, the world's largest permit and bonefish, and some of the very best guides in the industry.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod sits right in the path of the striped bass migration to Maine. While many fish stay in the area and call the Cape waters home for the summer, others use it as a feeding grounds on the way north.

Yellow Dog Fly Fishing

Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures specializes in fly fishing vacation packages of all types. We work with YDFA to book and arrange the best fishing trips and vacations throughout the world, both freshwater and saltwater, international and domestic.

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Simms Fishing Products

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Hardy North America

Capt Eric Wallace named to Hardy's 2014 product development team.

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Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

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March Merkin

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Coastal Fly Angler supports Bonefish & Tarpon Trust by donating a guide trip to the March Merkin Permit Tournament auction, in the name of friend and fellow angler Jon Ain.

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